How To Get Free Traffic And Marketing With Pinterest

How To Get Free Traffic And Marketing With Pinterest

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Intelligent Tips To Use Pinterest For Marketing

Now Pinterest has become a well-known social media marketing system and traffic generator tool for websites. It has already been effectively followed by thousands of associates with companies plus website owners. Although not many marketers still don’t use it and even they do not know completely about this flexible moderate tool for marketing.

Actually, Pinterest has ignored by lots of people and website owners just in favor of Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and youtube. Because people consider Pinterest that DO IT YOURSELF tasks, style suggestion, function greeting, designs and even fitness absolutely similar like youtube is only considering for videos. For Instagram is also simply pertaining to Selfies but this is not true. Do not Allow this particular close-minded viewpoint that limits your social media marketing initiatives.

So what is your preliminary idea about how you can include Pinterest into the marketing?. Probably just Pin some pictures from your website on the board and wait. This will not work simply.

So here are some Pinterest intelligent ways of remembering to begin with it and this will definitely help you into your social media marketing techniques.

Be Sure You Include The Basic Principles

In case you have not currently Pinterest account, sign up for your website or business account then you will get access to Pinterest analytics. Fill complete details including your website and appropriate keywords. Do not enter too many keywords. Include a professional picture of your self or your website with the link of your website (Recommend using a short link like from

Link your facebook and twitter accounts also with it. Select your custom URL, try to keep same as your facebook or twitter accounts. Start along with one or more board (Recommendation 6 board) with the appropriate keywords. Title, description, and categories should be clear keyword friendly. Follow more than 10 peers or same business influencers, friends and clients to start up. This is just to tell that you are also on Pinterest. Remember these directions vary according to your business or websites.

Focus on Users on Pinterest

Pinterest comprises of almost 90% women customers and this is the only social platform with this gender gap. Other systems like Facebook has 50-5o or probably as much as 60-40. In case your website or business appeal strongly to the female on Pinterest you will surely get referral traffic on your website. This is the main reason for focusing female users on Pinterest.

Your board should be catchy with infographics, title and description to attract more visitors.

Affiliate Marketing Linking with Pictures

You know Pinterest was created for social selling, you can pin images linked with affiliate links. Pin pictures that are linked to your online store, app list, e-book, stock images and author pages for sale. Pin pictures from your website article or site which are reviewing of product for sale.

The main thing is you can send traffic to your affiliate pages or your website which contain ads. Excellent way to get referral traffic.

Social Media Platforms Linking

Pinterest can be used to get other social media followers like for facebook page, twitter page, LinkedIn page or Instagram page. You can pin pictures of these social media pages or single post link or movie link etc. It will help to get interested followers on your social pages and groups.

Promotion of YouTube Channel and Video

Not just you can pin images from your website, you can even pin your youtube video and youtube channel. If you are youtube partner you can get views and subscribers from the Pinterest very fast and you can increase your earnings with you tube.

You can earn money directly from your pins, This is the another way to grow up your subscriber base and views.

Make Sure to Communicate With Your Pinner Network

Use the group board to invite the influencers and users which are related to your niche to pin. These boards can help you to produce huge following and good for everyone who includes in it. Make sure to interact with other users to get an effective result that called social media.

You can ask user queries and compliments. Be grateful for users and gives thanks who repin your contents. Try to communicate with other users to maintain the engagements.

Image Optimization For Search Engine

Pinterest account and pins are easily picked by the google image search engine. That appears in the search result. This is true but you have to optimize your images description with the appropriate keywords. This is the best way to get some traffic to your website from google.

Remember this point before pinning any images from your website that image should properly optimize.

Pinterest Paid Marketing

It’s just like other social media platform do you can pay to promote your pins. It’s not a bad idea to try it. Just spend at least 20-30 minutes daily on Pinterest to get the effective result. Paid promotion always depends on business to business. Use the Pinterest as a free tool to make the base for social marketing.

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