Importance of Long Tail Keywords in Content Writing

Importance of Long Tail Keywords in Content Writing

Effectively Use of Long Tail Keywords

Effectively Use of Long Tail Keywords

Long tails keywords are more specific keywords phrases that people use to find out the more suitable and fast search. You should include the long tail keywords into your content to get the targeted traffic into your blog. Nowadays lots of people are very specific with their searches like if some want to buy DSLR camera, he will search- best deals on DSLR camera today. A search engine will show him the exact result what he was searching by using his long tail keywords.

There are some important strategies to use the long tail keywords effectively into your content.

Research Long Tail Keywords in Google

There are hundreds of tools available for research of keywords. Some tools are available free and some you can use free. For the keywords research, Google is the best it gives you the great result. Just go to the google keyword planner and type the main keyword of your content. Google keyword planner shows you the best result with 3+ words with your main keyword.

So you will get the best long tail keywords for your contents and you can use them effectively.

There is one more way to find the long tail keywords in Google that is Google Search.

Example, just type in the search engine “Keyword Research” and enter. Then scroll down the page toward the bottom you will find out the long tail keywords for your main keywords.

effectively use long tail keywords

Create Content

Content is the most important part of blog success. Writing high-quality content for your blog is very important. Before writing the content always perform the research process to get the quality content. Create content with the suitable long trail keyword follows the strategies. Ensure that the content is original and make sense while reading and do insert too much stuffing of keywords into your content it will affect the ranking.

H2 Subheading makes these long tail keywords stand out when the page is being indexed.

Link Building

To make effective hyperlink building to long-tail keywords, you need to make sure you use that long tail keyword phrases as your anchored text. For example, like you are trying to make this phrase as your anchor text  “workouts to reduce stomach fat” then the anchor text inserted into exterior articles directing back again to your page should be “workouts to reduce stomach fat”. This is the way to use your anchor text effectively for link building.

Not really many people know just how to make use of long-tail keywords effectively by having them in H2 tags. When you use H2 formatted text, you are already putting better worth on those keywords and Google knows this very well. Following, many people ignore to utilize the entire long-tail keyword

Many Bloggers ignore to utilize the entire long-tail keyword as an anchor text, which reduces the worth of your content and keywords by 50 %. So next time make sure to use the use the entire long tail keyword you’re attempting to rank as anchor text. By this method, Google will also understand what keywords you’re concentrating on your web page.

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